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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My 24 hour #Facebook deactivation experiment

Now, this is not a tale of woe, but it may sound like I'm hosting a pity party and that you are invited.  This is more an eye-opening experiment that I conducted that I wanted to share the results.

How hard or easy would this be for you?
Yesterday was my birthday.  As you all know, Facebook reminds everyone daily of which of their friends is having a birthday that day.  Several months ago (maybe almost a year) I took a weed whacker to my friends list.  It wasn't because I was mad or felt slighted in any way, it was because I didn't even know 80% of the people I was "friends" with.  I was trying to build a large friend base in order to promote my social media presence for this blog.  But I started to get frustrated with the fact that I couldn't share personal details or information because I didn't want strangers to know as much of my business as I was willing to share with the people I actually know and would publicly recognize as "friends" (although we all know that not all of our Facebook "friends" are people we really want as friends.)

So, I weed whacked it from probably 1500 to 95ish.  I've since added maybe 20 and started a Facebook page for this blog so I could keep the more personal things to just my "friends."  Now, back to the birthdays.  I'll let you in on a not so secret secret that I'm "friends" with some people who I would say hi to and maybe have a short chit chat.  So I don't tell everyone happy birthday even though Facebook tells me it is their birthday.  I do tell the people who I actually like and would probably hang out with if they asked me to.

So as part of my experiment, I deactivated my account on Tuesday night and planned to reactivate it this morning.  I wanted to see how many people would remember my birthday without Facebook telling them.  Now, if someone is only really "friends" with me because of Facebook, I don't fault them for not knowing, because they wouldn't even have any way to tell me aside from Facebook.  But there are people who have my number or follow me/friend me on other social networking sites. 

And guess what... TWO PEOPLE.  Yes, TWO PEOPLE remembered my birthday (aside from the requisite cordial "happy birthday" from two of my siblings, but that doesn't count because we aren't even friends on Facebook- plus they have it easy in remembering because it's our mom's birthday too.)  So, a whole TWO PEOPLE that I consider friends remembered my birthday and texted me to tell me.  Sorry to one person who doesn't count because my husband pointed it out to her the day before and she didn't know.  I do appreciate it though because she offered to watch my kids so I could do something... but I didn't.  Instead I cried myself to sleep at 8pm and had frozen chicken nuggets for dinner.

The experiment taught me a lesson on friendship, but also taught me that although it was a task, I was able to go a day without Facebook.  The only thing I missed was during downtime when I was trying to get one of the kids to sleep or when I was waiting at an appointment, I would usually kill time seeing if anything interesting was going on with anyone or sharing memes.  Other than that, I didn't miss it at all!  I think I could easily do without my personal account, but it's a nice way to kill time.  I don't even really stalk anyone, so that is another reason it would be easy for me to do away with.

In case anyone wants to respond, here's a prompt: what do you use Facebook for the most?  How long do you think you could go without it?

Disney's Frozen Sing-Along Edition #Giveaway!!

Disneys Frozen Sing-Along Edition is now available on Digital HD for you to take anywhere when you sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere! Today also marks Walmart’s VUDU service joining Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) as a participating retailer, further enhancing the ability to manage and enjoy your digital collections of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies at home and on the go.

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Personalized Picture Book #Giveaway from @PutMeInTheStory #BookMagic

My little guys sharing a book.
Here I go again, gotta saddle up and jump on my soapbox: I'm a huge proponent of childhood literacy and I think that when a child learns to love reading when they are young, it will continue throughout their lives and they will continue to enjoy reading as adults.  There are so many positive things that come from a love of reading and so much knowledge to be gained from books.

It makes me so happy to see my kids reading and the fact that my infant and toddler love to sit down and look at books brings me so much joy because they became curious on their own, but they learn so much just from their curiosity and interest in what words match pictures and what the words mean.  It makes me sad to think that there are some kids out there who never get to experience the magical feeling of a good book.  I'd love to see it become more common to see a book in a child's hand than an electronic device... perhaps and unattainable dream.

With the love of reading and the magic of the experience in mind, Put Me In The Story personalized books allows parents to have some of their favorite book characters include them in their fun adventures by adding your child's name and image into the books themselves.  This will make reading all the more fun because they can use their imagination and see their name on the pages to pull themselves into the story.

Personalized books would make a great gift, and right now Put Me In The Story is hosting a giveaway to bring some #BookMagic to your family's holiday this year!

Prizes (Drawn December 6th):
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Roaming Reindeer by Angela Meju Review & #Giveaway!! #RoamingReindeerBlogTour

As I've mentioned numerous times, I'm a huge proponent of childhood literacy and I think that when a child learns to love reading when they are young, it will continue throughout their lives and they will continue to enjoy reading as adults.  There are so many positive things that come from a love of reading and so much knowledge to be gained from books.

Now that I'm off that soapbox, let me tell you about Roaming Reindeer!  Roaming Reindeer is a Christmas tale about Gus and Sam, two reindeer who have gone on a mission to help Santa and his elves with the naughty and nice lists.  There are so many names to go through that a little extra help is needed. 
The Roaming Reindeer pair off in groups of two each year.  They "hide" in different places around the house to keep an eye on the children and decide what list to put them on.  If a child is naughty, reindeer 1 will run away, but reindeer 2 will always stay put.  This helps provide children with a little extra incentive to behave before Christmas because it's not just about the parents watching, but Santa has sent his special reindeer helpers as well!

When you buy the Roaming Reindeer kit (or gift it because you're awesome), you get the book and reindeer in a cute & fun box that has directions and a suggested optional activity that rewards good behavior.  Now Gus & Sam could not have done it all by themselves, so you get to give your two reindeer their own unique names.  What a fun idea!!

DISCOUNT CODE: Currently there is a discount code that will be active from November 17-November 27 for my readers. The code ROAM2014 will give you $5.00 off the regular price, making it $29.95 through those dates.

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Instantly Framed Review & #Giveaway

Okay, guys, I haven't been this excited about a gratis product review in awhile, so let me get this off my chest...


I am sooooo in love with this idea!  So Instantly Framed is an app that you can download on your idevices.  The idea is that when you capture that rare photo that blows your mind with its awesomeness you can jump to the InstantlyFramed app, and in a few clicks you have a super sweet addition to your home decor on its way!  Now, this would be great just for something to add to your own home, but what I think would be even greatester is the idea of giving it as a gift!!  The framed photo comes in this ADORABLE box and when you open the box, the ADORABLENESS of it all is jaw-dropping, heart-melting and aww-inspiring.  I knew exactly which picture was coming to me and I still felt tears well up because I didn't really how cute the whole thing would be.

Here's how it works.  You go to the app and you can pick a photo from your saved pics on your phone, your instagram account or your Facebook account.  You will be given size options that would be optimum for picture quality, you pick the size, confirm, fill out some info, pay, BAM!  Done, now just sit on your doorstep and wait for it to be delivered.  Okay, so you don't HAVE to, but you may want to due to the uncontainable excitement.  But shipping is SUPER FAST.

I can't say enough good things about Instantly Framed, its concept, the professionalism, the end result... oh, and the frames themselves are really high quality and very sturdy.  (You could probably knock someone out with it before you hang it on the wall.)

This is what I received!!  Anna Maria Island, FL June/2013
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