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Friday, February 6, 2015

Huggies Wipes Shred Butts

As a mom of four, I'd have to say I've changed thousands of diapers.  Add to that the numerous kids I've babysat that were in diapers and you can add hundreds more to that number.  I think that makes me a quasi-expert in the diapers and wipes field.

Recently I have been babysitting a few kids part-time in my home while I finish up some school work and stay home with my 2 and 1 year old.  (Believe me, it sucks... a lot.) 

Buy wipes by the box to save money.

Ever since my first was born (9 years ago), I have loved Pampers Sensitive Wipes.  However, they get to be a bit expensive and so occasionally opt for White Cloud brand.  The thing I love is how they really are cloth likes, but like a linen with no real texture.  And they are sturdy.  The thing with the White Cloud ones is that they aren't easy to find.  Walmart hides them in the baby stuff section that is with beauty/medicine/health.  They don't keep them in the actual wipes and diaper aisle.  And not all Walmarts carry them.  Anyway, it is a bit more economical to buy these than Pampers wipes, but of course, the difference isn't THAT much.  And when I do get wipes I usually buy 6-8 packages at a time (and that only lasts us a little over two weeks, if that!)  So, I don't mind spending a tad extra on Pampers wipes because I buy them by the box, there again making them cheaper.

However, I have found that so many parents buy Huggies wipes and I don't understand it!  They are like paper towels!  Yet, of the 3 kids I currently babysit that wear diapers, all of their parents bring me Huggies wipes.  Same with the toddler I watched several months go before I moved.  I even tried to show her mom why Pampers wipes were better.  They are so much softer.
This is what the package of White Cloud wipes look like.

So as much as I hate using this word, I'm going to have to refer to butt holes.  I can't tell you how many times I've wiped a butt and it made their holes bleed a bit.  I'm not even wiping too hard.  And then they come with red and raw diaper areas for this same reason.  So 9 times out of 10 I just use my own wipes and reserve theirs for wiping hands and faces.

I don't understand it.  Why are people so loyal to Huggies wipes?  Do they not know any better?  Have they been lulled into the belief that since Huggies is a name brand that their products are the best?  Well I'm here to tell you that for the sake of your kids' butts, switch brands... NOW.  Or try wiping your butt with a wet paper towel and let me know how you like it.

You're welcome, children of the world.

Friday, January 2, 2015

If I Never Hear the Word Dinosaur Again...

Neither of my older two children ever fixated on a certain word.  They had things they liked, they learned the usual vocabulary as they got older, nothing out of the ordinary.

I do love me some T-Rex humor though.
But of course, H would have to be the out of the ordinary child for me.  He learned the word "dinosaur" and says it about 5,000 times a day!  It's not like he doesn't know any other words, he actually knows a lot!  He's 2 and a half and I would say he's probably on par with the amount of words he should know.  Now we are focusing on learning letters and counting.  But back to this dinosaur thing.

He randomly caught an episode of Dino Dan on Nickelodeon one day and became fascinated.  That show is soooo annoying!  I've seen a lot of annoying kid's shows, but that might be the worst ever.  (Interesting tidbit about it thought: it is clearly filmed in Canada and I have so far seen two Kids in the Hall alumni play characters on the show!)  So I started recording other Dinosaur related movies and show to at least add some variety and not watch Dino Dan (or hear it in the background when I'm doing things around the house.)

But now he says the word dinosaur ALL THE TIME.  He will say his normal words here and there, but then randomly start saying "dinosaur" or pointing at things and saying "dinosaur."  It is driving me batty, which if you follow my blog, you know he already does in a thousand other ways, so I definitely don't need another one.

I know that as he continues to learn normal grammar and more sentences, etc., he will realize that saying "dinosaur" a trillion times a day makes absolutely no sense.  But until then, the duct tape I have already placed on my incredibly frayed nerves is starting to peel off and I don't know what else I can put on them before my nerves start snapping and flying out all the holes in my head.

Why @PlaySwell is a new, innovative idea and cheers to sleep! #GiveItForward #SwellSanta

When I was approached to contribute to PlaySwell, I had never heard of it, but quickly realized that it was an innovative concept.

The theory behind it is that sometimes in life you come across a product that you want to rave about to the world, but don't have the platform with which to do so.  Sure, you can tweet about it, blog about it, Pin it, etc., but no one pays attention to me, so it's like I'm writing to myself.  But PlaySwell is different.  They have come up with a website where you can go and post about something that you love (that you actually purchased, not that you got compensated to review).  They want a story behind why you love it as well, which makes it more fun.

I chose to write about the Pinzon 1/2 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Pad.  I'm sure you're thinking that this is something completely random and obscure, but it just so happened to be something I wanted to rave about.  It was a recent purchase off Amazon that I had found after comparing reviews for several similar items.  I was not disappointed when it came.  To find out my story behind it and why I love it so much, visit my post on PlaySwell.

You can add products of your own and you can add other products to your wishlist.  It's kind of a fun way to give others gift ideas on things to buy your or things to buy for other people.  And since so many people are looking for things to spend their gift cards on, it's also a great way to find products to buy on Amazon that you would have never thought of.

You can check out the SwellSanta campaign they did this holiday season as well.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fantastic Nickelodeon Holiday Theme 8 DVD #giveaway!!

Just in time for winter and the holidays, I have a great giveaway to offer and it is worth around $125!!

Get your kids in the holiday spirit or save them for a super stellar Christmas present (DVDs make great stocking stuffers) or share some with nieces, nephews, etc.  

Giveaway includes:

Dora the Explorer: Christmas Carol Adventures
When Swiper tries to swipe the Christmas Star from Dora’s Nochebuena Party, he lands on Santa’s naughty list. To get back on the nice list, Dora must help Swiper travel to the past, the present, and the future to discover the true spirit of Christmas.

Dora the Explorer: Ice Skating Spectacular
Join Dora and Boots as they skate to the rescue of the Snow Princess, Snow Fairy, and all their Snowy Forest friends! Plus, enjoy two extra adventures as Dora catches a runaway train and races to rescue Boots with her puppy and Scooter.

Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi: Into The Snow We Go
Join the Bubble Guppies for a festive special as they work together to share the joy of the holiday season with their neighbor, Mr. Grumpfish. As a holiday bonus, enjoy two special Team Umizoomi episodes.

SpongeBob SquarePants: It’s A SpongeBob Christmas (DVD/Blu-ray combo)
As Bikini Bottom gets ready for Christmas, everyone is excited except Plankton.  He vows this year to finally get the number-one thing on his list – the Krabby Patty Formula! This perfect holiday gift arrives with over two hours of additional Blu-ray content, including ten fan favorite episodes from SpongeBob’s very first season.                           

Nickelodeon Favorites: Merry Christmas!
Get in the holiday spirit with preschoolers’ favorite characters from Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, The Wonder Pets!, Blue’s Clues, Team Umizoomi and Ni Hao, Kai-lan.

Special Features:

• The Fresh Beat Band Music Video: “Snow Day”

Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves Christmas!
Help Diego save Christmas, guide Pepito the Penguin as he explores Antarctica, find the Blue Morpho butterfly and save the Sea Turtles all on one DVD!

Wonder Pets!: Save The Nutcracker
In the movie-length episode “Save The Nutcracker,” the Wonder Pets! enter the beautiful picture book world of the Mouse King, set to the classic music of Tchaikovsky.  As a bonus, enjoy three additional episodes from the Wonder Pets!

Special Features:
·       "Waltz of the Flowers" Music Video
·       "Decorate the Christmas Tree!" Game

Max & Ruby: A Merry Bunny Christmas!
Max & Ruby are back to celebrate the holiday season in this 4-episode DVD release. Max & Ruby is a fun, sweet, and entertaining show for youngsters that promotes teamwork, problem solving, communication and sibling companionship.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Best friends and boyfriends? Let's check the high school vernacular.

"Best friend" and "boyfriend" are two labels that as an adult, throw me off.  I have found that since high school, the connotation of these words have changed.  And to be honest, as an adult, their meanings are a bit confusing to me.

Boyfriend: Remember in high school when a guy would say, "you wanna be my girlfriend" or "wanna go out with me?"  Cause, you know... everyone was "going out."  And for you older folks, the phrase "going steady."  Or for the even older folks, "let me invent the wheel, then we will go to my cave and cook up this saber tooth tiger I hunted.

Then there was the wearing of the class ring or the letterman jacket (which predated me, I believe) or wearing his away jersey to a football game.  Or if you didn't date a football player (congrats), I think it might have just been the class ring.  Or if you were like this uber-skank I went to high school with, your boyfriend would make the first letter of his name out in hickies on you.

No seriously... are you?
So how do we KNOW that someone is our boyfriend in 2014?  No really, how?  In high school, it was "cool" to have a boyfriend.  When I was single after separating from my husband, I can 100% say I did NOT want whatever a "boyfriend" was.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Now, I believe the actual definition of boyfriend means the same now as it has for decades, possibly centuries (again, ain't nobody got time to look the history of the word up).  It means a guy who you are "exclusive" with. That's it.  Boyfriends provide different things to different people.  Some provide comfort when sad, some provide a seat filler next to you at the movies, some buy you food, some annoy you to no end and you can't figure out why you're with them, some are just arm candy, and some are a good standby until Gerard Butler comes to his senses and hunts you down.

But as adults, how do we KNOW someone is our boyfriend?  I recently had someone in her early 30s tell me that the guy she was seeing straight up asked her to be his girlfriend.  Well, that made it easy.  But that seems to be an exception among adults, right?  Then there's the obvious: Facebook tells you that it is so.  We always say that nothing is real until it becomes "Facebook Official."  You're not really engaged, single, married or in a relationship until your status has been changed on Facebook.  But we're still not there yet, Folks.  How do you KNOW to put it on Facebook?  Inevitably, the assumption of exclusivity will fall apart.  Either someone will want some realistic form of commitment or someone will find out that the exclusivity was one-sided.  So... how do you KNOW??

Best friend: In high school, determining who your best friend(s) was/were was as easy as reading the bottom of their note to you that said, "BFF, Nicole"  or "LYLAS, Melissa."  You could have a slew of best friends and no one batted an eyelash.  And you could have that one frenemy named Erin like I did.  (Shhh, don't tell... but she knows.)  But as an adult, for some reason "best friend" has a very very heavy connotation that I often fear using.  This is mostly for fear of being shunned.  What if I think someone is my best friend, but they wouldn't use that label on me?  I'd feel like such a loser.  So what does it take to call someone a best friend?  Does it require years of knowing someone, a special chemistry that isn't determined by time?  Or just someone that knows too much, so you want to make sure you think they are special so that they don't divulge all your secrets?  When it comes to friends, I often find myself using this terminology:

Facebook Friend: someone I've never met in person, but due to mutual interests, we have become Facebook friends.  We enjoy witty banter or the liking of each other's statuses or pictures, but there is no expectation of physically meeting them.

"Friend": someone you know in person, but you could live without them.  Often this is someone who I know I will see in public at some point and am afraid to unfriend them on Facebook for fear of an awkward meet-up.  They are people who I might grab lunch with if they asked, but I'd rather not put forth that kind of effort.  These tend to be the people who get upset if you unfriend them, but won't lift a finger if you are in need.  Air quotes are always necessary when referring to these people as "friends."

Friend: someone you look forward to spending time with and that you have their phone number and actually use it sometimes (for texting of course- my friends know better than to call me.  Again, ain't nobody got time for that!)  Someone who would hopefully help you out if you were in need, or otherwise come up with an excuse why they can't other than just ignoring your plight.

To anyone who claims me.
Best Friend:  someone you are so willing to spend time with that you would even spend time with them when there were children involved!  Someone who would give you all the money in their savings if you were in need.  Someone who tells you their deep dark secrets and knows that they would be murdered if they told people yours.  Someone who gets your sarcasm and twisted humor and thinks it's funny.  I don't think that "best friend" can be correlated with time.  It's okay to let go of someone who once was your best friend now that you no longer share any common interests and make no attempts to spend time together.  Let it go, let it go... (were you singing the Frozen song there with me?)  Just like it's okay to have new best friends. 

Wow, this was long.  Anyone want to add to my definitions?  Anyone want to help me?  Why is it that these terms are so complicated when they are just basic English?