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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to Kill a Pacifier and Get Away With It

Okay, so my son is 3 and still has a pacifier *insert judgement here*.  I have tried sticker charts, begging, pleading to get him to give up his pacifier.  He also has blankies.  I'm okay with the blankies, but not the pacifier.  And sure, I could take it from him and watch him cry,  but I'm a pushover mom about some things and I think deep down I wish I could still use a pacifier for self-soothing.

So, today I am trying Plan L.  L is for Leprechaun.  I took all the pacifiers and hid them away in a high cabinet and told my son that a leprechaun snuck into the house and stole all his pacifiers.  Reason being is that leprechauns don't like seeing big kids with pacifiers so they steal them.  Will it work?  Hopefully.  He hasn't asked about it since, but when he starts crying and sobbingly says, "PASSY" I am hoping I have the willpower to stick to my guns.

Next step is getting his dad and grandparents on board.  I think his dad will go along with it, but the grandparents are bigger pushovers than I am.

Did anyone else have a similar problem with their toddlers or teenagers, lol?  I will keep you updated on if I am successful or not.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Bear with me. This is my first attempt to blog from my Blackberry. My netbook is being viciously attacked by worms and malware, so I'm out of commission until my new Norton 2011 comes in the mail. There's nothing really exciting to talk about. I'm just lying around watching season one of The Walking Dead. It's rather good, but extremely gory!

This week was spring break at my daughter's school, so the kids went to their dad's for the week. This is the longest I've ever been away from them and it is hard. I see their toys and walk by their room and I miss them. I have been doing some MAJOR spring cleaning. It's so much easier to do in a townhouse than an old farmhouse! I cleaned the kids' room, changed sheets, vacuumed, dusted, the whole nine yards. I get to have them back tomorrow and I can't wait!!

Only other thing on my mind is this "friend" I have that refuses to speak to me. I don't want to seem like a crazy stalker trying to get them to talk to me, but at the same time I don't want to give up and just have them never speak to me again. I don't think I remember this ever happening and I never would have expected this from them. It hurts.

Anyway, that's it for this pointless post. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tangled Blu-Ray Review

When Princess and the Frog came out, I took my daughter to see it... kind of as a cover up for me wanting to go so badly.  I LOVED it.  Well, when I saw Tangled was coming out, I got just as excited!  I will be honest and say that I bought my daughter the Barbie and wanted her to have the toys because my inner little girl was dying to see the movie and enjoy reliving it.  So, I took my daughter AND son to the movie along with a friend and her daughter... and guess what...

LOVED IT!!!  Absolutely loved it!  It had all the elements I wanted, humor, action, evil witches, ROMANCE... it was cleverly written, there were jokes that even adults would chuckle at.  CUTE!  

Of course, you know the tale- beautiful Rapunzel stuck in the tower.   In this version a  handsome thief climbs up her hair and helps her escape.   Rapunzel has been obsessed with these lights that she sees in the distance every year on her birthday.  Her "mother" refuses to let her leave the tower to go see them- or anything.  Rapunzel's hair has magical healing powers.  So, she helps the thief and in turn he helps her to get to the lights.  Mishaps and adventure ensue...

This combo pack includes the Blu-Ray and DVD.  Features include:

•2 original storybook openings
•50th Animated Countdown

2-Disc BD Combo Pack (BD+DVD)
•DVD features plus
•3 deleted scenes
•The Making of a Fairy Tale
•2 extended songs
•9 Theatrical Teasers

Family Time Factor: Unless you have no soul, you will like it.

Tangled is available on DVD and Blu-Ray March 29th!!!

Hanna Montana Forever: Final Season DVD Review

If you've never seen an episode of Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, you owe it to yourself to watch it at least once. Otherwise, how will you know what all the Miley Cyrus pop culture references are about?

Hannah Montana Forever is a series about a teen singing sensation who during the day is Miley, a regular, down to earth girl, who moonlights as a star with the persona of Hannah Montana. She is always up to some sort of antics in her pursuit to keep her private life and superstar life separate. She is being raised by her single dad (played by real life dad Billy Ray Cyrus) and her brother.
This release is a 2-Disc DVD set which includes all 13 episodes from the final season, three all-new bonus features (An Alternate Ending to the Series Finale, From Auditions to Wrap: The Cast Looks Back & Cast Goodbyes) and a 28-page commemorative Hannah Montana memory book that includes show history/trivia, a Hannah Montana photograph with signature and more. 

The earlier seasons of Hannah Montana are a little hard for me to watch because the acting is so atrocious. But, as the years went by, the acting got a little better. (You should watch the SNL skit when Miley hosted where they do a sketch on Disney Acting School.  Hilarious!!!)  It's just another one of those sitcoms that you get attached to the characters and find yourself wondering what they'll be up to next.

Family Time Factor: If you're looking for a sitcom that is kid appropriate and family oriented, this suits the ticket perfectly. You can easily watch this with the whole family and not have to worry about inappropriate content. Younger kids will find it sill and older kids will enjoy the storyline. Plus, there's the occasional good song.

MOTR Grade
: B-

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bambi (Diamond Edition): Blu-Ray Edition Review

You all know the classic story: one of those horrid, atrocious, meaner than mean hunters kills Bambi's mom... and poor Bambi is destined to wander the forest alone, wondering what his life will be without his mom.  Ugggggghhhhhh, hunters!  Anyway, luckily Bambi (unlike the other poor baby deer whose parents are slaughtered mercilessly in a "sport" where the opposing team isn't given a fighting chance) comes across some new friends who help guide him through his loneliness.  

Well, as Disney has a habit of doing, they've decided to enhance the sound and video quality and now you can enjoy it on Blu-Ray!!!  This is an excellent upgrade from the previously spectacular Platinum DVD Edition that was released back in 2005, which also boasted a restored picture and a digitally remastered soundtrack. Here you have two options for the audio including a DTS-HD track and a 2.0 stereo track for the nostalgic viewer. Also, like previous Disney HD releases, you can watch the film with the accompaniment of the "Disney View" feature, which fills the black pillars on each side of the 1.33 frame with artwork by Lisa Keene matching the mood of each scene.

This edition also boasts a feature called "Inside Walt's Story Meetings" which takes original transcripts from story meetings between Walt and his team of filmmakers, which are then re-enacted in time with the film. Along with the dramatic recreation of the transcripts, the film plays in the background along with variety of storyboards, sketches, concept art and archival footage. The other major feature is the debut of the "Disney Second Screen" allowing you to sync your laptop, desktop or iPad with the film and as the movie plays a variety of interactive features will become available on your portable device, all of which can be navigated. 
Additional Blu-ray extras include two new deleted scenes, a deleted song and some additional children's learning games. Features from the previous DVD edition are also included.

Great classic, remade stupendously!!

Family Time Factor:  Easily enjoyed at any age!

MOTR Grade: B

Monday, March 14, 2011

Parenting Tips from The Switch


Check out the video clips available with some tips!!   Review is coming soon!!!

TIP 1: Identify & Communicate Your Child’s Interests. Help friends and family get your kids the gifts they’ll really love by understanding their hobbies and collections—even if they’re as unusual as a collection of brand-new picture frames filled with stock photographs.

TIP 2: Keep a Watchful Eye on Internet Use. Specifically, limit your child’s exposure to WebMD. It’s unlikely he has Cyclothymic disorder or Parkinson’s disease, but he could come down with a nasty case of hypochondria.

TIP 3: Pick Your Battles. Especially when it comes to feeding a picky eater, there are times when the fight isn’t worth it. Sometimes rice with soy sauce is just fine, no matter how impressive (or expensive) the duck is.

TIP 4: Fewer Choices Yield Faster Results. Giving kids choices is fine, but you’ll get them to bed faster if you limit their options to just two: Cowboy or astronaut pajamas? Duck or unfortunate chicken stuffed animal?

TIP 5: Beware the Big Birthday Bash Temptation. Your idea of the best birthday party ever might not be your kid’s idea of a good time, even if it is something as fun and adventurous as a huge bash at the local rock climbing gym.

TIP 6: Don’t Bug Out Over Bugs. Kids can pick up lice from other kids at school, daycare, wherever. It happens. There are several steps you can take to eliminate the bugs, but most importantly, don’t make it a big deal. It’s lice, not leprosy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Music Monday: "Scream" by Caustic Vision

This is my first Music Monday doing a local band, but now that I don't live in a dinky little town (lay off the Iowa jokes!) I have the opportunity to experience actual good live bands from time to time.  Anyway, saw this band Saturday night and they were great!  I'm not usually a fan of the screaming, but with the look, feel and sound, it all worked.  They are working on their first album and seem to get a lot of gigs around the state, so... good luck to them!  Check them out on Facebook as well.  And if you like them, tell them I sent you because I plan to bill them for the publicity... woot!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elusive Deviance

I'm the demon on your shoulder
that the devil never sent
I'm the elusive white rabbit
you will never ever catch
Take a chance, 
play your cards...
See where the moon light hits

Whether you remember my name
or the face that loomed before you
The whisper on your cheek,
the hair that brushed your skin...

I will haunt you in your wakefulness
and elude your fantasies
for I am what you always wanted
but are never able to have.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Foresee a Return of the Bubonic Plague

I know this isn't any kind of new idea, but I was reminded of it the other day when a friend was sick...

What is the deal with employers who expect their employees to come to work and infect everyone else?  Why do they make it so hard for employees to be sick.  Case in point, my friend is a waitress and apparently if you do not have a doctor's note, you receive a warning.  Second occurrence receives a week suspension and third offense is termination.

I don't know about the rest of you rich Americans, but going to a doctor can be costly- especially if you don't have insurance.  So, not only are you losing out on that day of pay (because if you're like the average joe schmo on the street, you don't get paid sick days), you are expected to pay out of pocket for a doctor to tell you that you have a virus and you have to wait it out.

I once worked at a pizza restaurant (we shall call it Pizza Hot).  In order to call-in sick, you were given a list of people to call and see if they could work for you.  If you couldn't find a replacement, you were expected to come to work.  Oh, wouldn't all the patrons love to know that their food is being handled by someone with explosive diarrhea?  I was making a pizza one day and my coworker sneezed on the make table and I literally saw snotties fly into the ingredients... yeah, you heard me.  Ew.

And what about places like Thomas Cardella (telemarketers)?  They are such nazis that sure you can call in sick, but if you call in sick you lose your "attendance bonus" for an ENTIRE paycheck.  That means instead of your hourly rate of 9 or 10 bucks an hour, you receive $7.50 an hour for an entire 2 weeks.  Doesn't matter if you were sick once or three times.  Of course, if you are sick, you accumulate these points that inevitably lead to you getting terminated.  I don't know if they accept doctor's notes, but pretty sure they don't.  Employees will throw up in the trash can next to their call desk just so they can avoid losing money when they go home.

Does anyone wonder why the average man finds himself stressed, depressed and at the end of his rope?  Maybe it's because these multi billion dollar companies think it's okay to treat their employees like dirt.  Even small businesses see their employees as cattle that can be replaced at a moment's notice.

I understand the idea that some people abuse their sick leave and call-in just because they don't want to be there.  But, unless someone has a habit of it, don't be a jerk.  People get sick.  Shock, shock- you're gonna end up with even more sick employees and some sick patrons because of your dictatorship ways... ugh, ugh and triple ugh.  I hate when the little people get oppressed by the man!